Dumbbell workout program

All you need for this 8 week program are 2 pairs of Dumbbells. We understand that many people don’t have gym memberships or spare gym equipment lying around at home. That’s why we have created this Dumbbell program. The goal of this program is two-fold: to help you get stronger and burn unwanted body fat. You can do this at your gym or in your living room. Not sure which size Dumbbells to buy? Use this as a guide:

Women Beginner: 5lbs and 10lbs
Women Intermediate: 5lbs and 15lbs
Women Advanced: 7.5lbs and 20 lbs
Men Beginner: 7.5lbs and 20 lbs
Men Intermediate: 10lbs and 30lbs
Men Advanced: 15lbs and 40 lbs


How long is this program? 8 weeks
Where can I do this program? At a gym or at home
How long are the workouts? 30 minutes
How many workouts per week? 3
Who is it for? Anyone
What does it cost? $30 for the entire program

ONLY $29.95